The OecherLab is a space for pioneering, experimentation and development at the same time.

A creative space for innovative ideas is provided here for Aachen’s citizens, innovation drivers, business, city administration and politics. At the OecherLab, we work with you to design and test visions, goals and projects for our digital Aachen of tomorrow and incorporate them into a smart city strategy.

You will find the OecherLab in the Kapuziner Karree in Aachen’s city centre. The approach is to „Come in, experience and #participate!“.

Because everyone and every idea is welcome.



The OecherLab is there to visit.

But of course, the pandemic makes no exception for us. As long as conditions require it, we will be there for you with our digital events.

But since we cannot wait to open the doors of our lab to you in person, we will keep you posted here about our opening hours and, if necessary, ways to make an appointment in advance.


From vehicles that communicate with their environment and telemedicine services to smart city centre concepts and intelligent solutions for retail or the workplace of the future – there are numerous innovative ideas and technologies from Aachen – but which ones do you think are right and practical for our city?

We invite you to join us in getting to know Aachen’s innovations, evaluating them and developing them further for a liveable Aachen within the scope of workshops and dialogue events.


Did you know that a test environment for highly automated driving is currently being built on the Melaten campus, which will be connected up to Düsseldorf? Or that innovators from Aachen are working on an air taxi concept? We are mobile every day, whether by car, bicycle or on foot. Our mobility is an important part of our everyday lives and new concepts have a great impact on the city as well.

So you can be curious – there is a lot being developed here!


Does the future belong to online business alone or can stationary retail also benefit from digital concepts? How can we design a new shopping experience and combine it with the convenience of digital retailing? Or do we need completely new smart approaches in order to sustain the quality of time spent in the city centre?

Let yourself be inspired by ideas for the future and develop them further with us.


Where and how will we work in the future? Currently, the Corona pandemic is teaching us how quickly places of work can adapt or even change completely. How will we work and collaborate in post-Corona times? Would you like to learn about new workplace models and tools?

Then plan your next presentation, meeting or online conference in the OecherLab.


Did you know that the Aachen rescue service is working on saving lives by drone? Will we consult doctors via screen and receive medication from 3D printers in the future? How do you want to maintain your health in the future – and which ethical questions will play a role?

Discuss your health of tomorrow with us.

Wild Card

What other digital topics are you interested in? The variety of topics is endless. That is why we have decided to give you a wild card so that you can decide which smart topic we will explore and develop together with you in the OecherLab.


City of Aachen

As a city of science, Aachen is closely connected to the drivers of innovation and uses their outstanding expertise to develop suitable solutions for current urban challenges. Increasing digitalisation is making itself felt at all levels of urban society. It can provide innovative solutions. It is therefore important to the city of Aachen to actively involve its citizens in the future development of smart concepts. Your city. Your future. Your ideas.

cowork AG

The cowork AG converts commerical space and real estate into coworking space. The WORQS Coworking Spaces in the Aachen city region create modern coworking opportunities, make workplace choices more flexible and help to limit commuting and transform mobility in a sustainable way.

Dialego AG

Dialego helps to write success stories. With proprietary artificial intelligence methods, many years of market research expertise, benchmarks and our own panels, we ensure an in-depth understanding of customer needs and the connection between customer and company. This convinced Bayer and Ritter Sport, among others, who value Dialego for its expertise in innovation, brand and digitalisation. 8,000 innovations accompanied from the idea to the market launch speak for the globally active opportunity finder Dialego.

The Institute for Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (IMA) at RWTH Aachen University

The Institute for Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (IMA) at RWTH Aachen University connects basic research with application. In the OecherLab, research findings on virtual reality and robotics find their way into exciting exhibits and hands-on courses. The IMA organises creative events for each future space in order to concretise the ideas of Aachen’s citizens and to accompany them in their implementation.

The funding framework

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

The project is funded by the state of NRW as part of the „Digitale Modellregionen in NRW“ (Digital Model Regions programme).

cowork AG – creating spaces